The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird
The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird
The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird
The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird
The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird

The Brave Turtle by B. D. Harris & Megan Bird

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Late one night, Sam rolls off her bed and splash! Her entire room has flooded! Not just her room, but the whole house is filling up with water as the world floods outside. Confused and cold, Sam is rescued by a wise little turtle called Neville, who takes her along the beautiful underwater highway, teaching her the ways of this watery world. 

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Published by Imagnary House. 
Written by B. D. Harris with illustrations by Megan Bird
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An absolutely gorgeous and touching tale of a compassionate little girl whose world is turned upside down. She journeys through her new world with her new and level-headed turtle friend. While at times things look as if they're very scary and hard to face, the brave turtle reminds the little girl and the reader that the best way to approach the situation is remain calm, composed and let your rational mind take control. 
The illustrations are so beautiful and calming and the charming characters that the little girl meets along the way remind us that not everyone deals with stress the same way. That compassion and calm are strong values that can take a person very far in life.
We're so grateful to have read this book as a family. A person of any age would enjoy this tale and it's gentle, reaffirming message.

A delightful tale of friendship in this magical oceanic adventure. The illustrations are beautiful as the words weave their way into your heart recognising bravery, friendship and forgiveness in three unforgettable characters. Perfect for together bed time reading.

An enchanting adventure of a little girl and her two unlikely friends takes us down a colourful path searching for her missing parents. I found myself reading with a smile on my face and a warm heart as the trio interacted in this modern day maritime rendition not dissimilar to "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Wizard of Oz". A well written story that will bring you quality time with your child as you drift through the adventure together. I loved it.

I really loved reading this book. The characters are cute ... and I fall in love with the weird baboon ;)
The rich and colorful illustrations and special message about caring and water safety makes this book a true treasure.

I absolutely love this magical tale of bravery and friendship, even from the most unsuspecting characters.