Pink Rescue Buoy (Lite)

Pink Rescue Buoy (Lite)

Drowning Prevention

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Sponsor a Rescue Buoy

With your help, a Pink Rescue Buoy could save a life. 

The NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys are placed at selected beaches along the coastline as well as at some inland dams and rivers.

The roll-out of the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys started in November 2017. This project is made possible by corporate and public donations and is part of an extensive National Drowning Prevention Campaign started by Sea Rescue during 2017. The deployment of the Pink Rescue buoys is done with the cooperation of City Councils, Municipalities and communities in a rapidly growing effort to make our waters safer and to prevent drowning incidents. 

The rescue buoys are bright pink so that they can be easily spotted on the water by responding rescuers. They are unique to NSRI so if you see a Pink Rescue Buoy it belongs to Sea Rescue and should be returned to its sign after use.

Over 600 Pink Rescue Buoys have been installed and 52 lives saved since Nov 2017. That is something to be proud of.

The cost of the Pink Rescue Buoy and the sign is R1500.

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